"All For One And One For All"

It’s a concept seldom found in a young band, but for those who heed those seven simple words, it is recipe for greatness. Like those simple words, that individually are commonplace, the four corner stones in the Andrew Wade Band are as ordinary as one could imagine. But, together they form a unique yet firmly rooted blend of country, rock, and blues that stands at the forefront of the music scene.

With the release of their debut album “String Lights” in August 2010 under Lucky Duck Records, the band quickly began an ascent that has all but faltered. Although a few faces have changed, the band has only gotten stronger and the chemistry between the current members is apparent on and off the stage. With a list of historic venues in their resume and nearly 1000 albums sold, the Andrew Wade Band has found a strong foothold that spans from Dallas to the Rio Grand Valley. Their fan base has grown exponentially as well; deriving from the band’s impressive live performance, as they’ve shared the stage with larger regional acts, but also from consistent radio play throughout the state.

Now, the band is setting out on the next chapter as they’ve began working on their sophomore album “Summer Circus” at Lucky Run Studio in Richmond,TX. The album, produced by the Andrew Wade Band, is expected to be released in 2012 under the band’s own label, String Light Records.

  • Andrew Wade – Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Brian Tipton – Lead Guitar
  • Joel Ryan – Bass/Vocals
  • Cory Martin – Drums